Connor Coaching

The business world is tough, fast and competitive. Keeping your staff energised and motivated is essential in maintaining success and reaching future goals.

If you are a business looking to develop your key personnel then this is how I can help

Staff development and retention
Development and retention of existing staff can save tens of thousands of pounds in hiring and retraining costs, allows for minimal disruption, enhancing stability within teams and the company as a whole.

Succession planning
The identification of individuals who align with the company’s future goals and needs allowing for a structured and rewarding career path and internal stability.

Team cohesion
A team that is properly aligned will prove to be more productive and content.

Conflict resolution
The avoidance of unnecessary disruption due to poor communication will help streamline projects and reduce timelines and costs.

Executive Support
Tackling issues around transition and isolation to ensure the leader is able to perform at their highest level

A valued employee service that a company can provide to employees facing redundancy, maintaining their reputation as an employee orientated company.

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