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My Clients gain real value from the work that I do and the results I deliver. Here are their stories.

“I had been working as a contractor for a large company and was interested in going permanent but the position was bogged down and I was frustrated and getting mixed messages. Vicki helped me put things in perspective, clear the negativity and formulate my plan for various options. Her insight was invaluable and after securing my new job I am delighted to endorse her skills and effort.”

Simon Ketteringham

Before I started my life coaching with Vicki, I was very low and had no motivation to do anything and didn’t know where my future was heading! Within a couple of sessions Vicki helped me put my life back on track! She helped me to picture a bright future, and to be more positive and happy within myself. We set goals for me to reach and within a couple of weeks I reached them! I now am very happy and really looking forward to my future! It was great talking to Vicki about all my problems that I needed to get off my chest. It has really helped me. Without life coaching I don’t know what I would have done. So thankyou again Vicki you are amazing!

Jodie Marshall

Before having life coaching sessions with Vicki I struggled to open up, she is the first person I have actually opened up to properly and been able to talk to comfortably. Seeing her has given me confidence and helped me to deal with situations a lot better whereas before I would get anxious and confused. It feels as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am a lot happier in myself.

Alicia Kimberley-Thompson

Working with Vicki has helped to improve my relationships both at work and at home. This means my work is better and my home life is more stable. She does this through cutting to the heart of an issue ensuring you have to confront hidden truths and beliefs. By exploring and challenging them you shine a light onto these monsters and realise they are no bigger than bats. Her insight is direct and by having clear actions moving forwards it is tough not to consistently improve.


I started working with Vicki in January 2016 after being made redundant from Mars Chocolate as a National account manager at the end of 2015.

To give you some background I had suffered badly from depression, had lost my confidence and lost my trust with managers and colleagues.  I wasn’t in a great place.  Turning forty and having various roles in sales I felt on the cusp of not being able to change or adapt my career again.  So naturally I felt very apprehensive for my first call with Vicki, not knowing what to expect or how she could possibly help me.

Turned out I was wrong and our conversations flowed very easily with Vicki picking up and using how my logical mind follows reason and process.  She helped me to realise what is important in life, what I enjoy and what my skills are.  It was simple to list what I enjoyed and what was important to me, but I did really struggled at first to fill a couple of lines for my skills before Vicki steered me to achieving a list of over 130 transferable skills!

Following on with these skills it helped me to understand what my perfect role would be, how to achieve it and where I am prepared to compromise in the workplace.

I haven’t found employment yet, but more importantly I have found myself and discovered what I want to do.  It leaves me feeling very optimistic for the future and finally all of this was achieved after just a few weeks of working with Vicki.

Stephen Martin

I was fairly disillusioned by working for such a large organisation and not getting much out of my job.  I had been back at work for 2 years following my second child and struggling to make it all work.  Vicki was brilliant, the best bit being that she was a completely independent person, she had no stake in what my ultimate decision was.  She had a knack of getting to the root of the issue and breaking it down into small steps which were easy to deal with and resolve individually.  Through Vicki’s coaching I was able to make the changes required in order to get the career I wanted and that worked for me.  Six months on, all is going well and I can’t thank Vicki enough.

Joanna Mumford


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